Save Maine’s Bears

Welcome to the Save Maine’s Bears website. We are dedicated to saving the wildlife of the state of Maine.

Maine is well-known in the United States for its wildlife population. It has the biggest population of moose, black bears and small mammals such as the furbearers, the New England cottontail, the little brown bat, among others. It’s geography and habitat conditions make it an ideal location for the growth and diversity of different mammals. In fact, about 83 percent of the entire land area of Maine is forested, making it the state with the largest forest cover in the country. It is also very interesting to note that Maine has three ecological regions: the Warm Continental Mountains, Warm Continental Division and the Hot Continental Division. In each of these regions, there are diverse plant and animal populations, making it a very interesting state. Thus, it is truly recommended for anyone to get out of their house and drive to the heart of Maine.


Just recently, several animals in Maine have been declared extinct due to hunting and poaching. These extinct animals include the sea mink, eastern cougar, wolf and caribou. As such, it is vital that steps must be made to stop the continued extinction of mammals in the state.

But what is currently threatening the wildlife population of Maine is not simply hunting but the issue of climate change. I’m happy to be a part of this as for years I was a Texas garage door repairman

So what are the important wildlife population of Maine that needs to be saved?


The moose is a very big lumbering animal that is a favorite of tourists and even hunters who like catching them for their horns and meat. Aside from the threat of hunting, the moose population may soon be dwindling because of the effects of climate change. While the moose can actually adapt to snow and cold weather, the rise in temperatures brings about heat stress which in turn leads to weight reduction, a direct effect on pregnancy and the vulnerability to disease and predators.

Black Bears

Bear hunting in Maine is considered to be an integral part of the culture of the area and even part of its tradition and heritage. The issue in terms of the hunting of black bears is multi-dimensional and layered. The acts of hunting, trapping, and baiting bears are considered by some sectors of Maine society as cruel. At the same time, the habitat of these bears are also threatened by climate change and are in fact already showing signs of the brunt of climate impact.

Other Mammals

Other mammals in Maine such as furbearers, so-called for its fur, and the brown bats are also being threatened. This also includes birds as Maine is part of the migratory path for birds.

The goal of this website is really to generate awareness on the need to take steps in reversing the impacts of climate change. It is hoped that with all the information provided here, people will be more aware of the role that they play in abetting climate change and will take steps to help combat it.

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