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Thank you for visiting. Save Maine's Bear Hunt and Management Programs is a campaign to educate Maine voters about the negative impacts of the referendum that would ban bear baiting, trapping and hunting with dogs. We encourage you to explore our website and sign up to receive more information.

Recent News

Bear Destroys Beehives At Wayne Farm

The owner of a pair of beehives recently destroyed by a hungry bear at a Wayne farm says the incident is more proof that banning bear baiting and trapping would have catastrophic consequences on his business. “If they pass this vote on the bear referendum, it’s going to put me out of business,” said Tony Bachelder, owner of Tony’s Honey and Pollination Services in Buckfield. “The bears will be so thick we won’t be able to control it.”[.....]

Kennebunk Bear Sighting Latest In York County

A black bear is responsible for taking down a bird feeder in a yard on Oak Bluff Road in Kennebunk, according to Cpl. Mike Joy, a local game warden for the Maine Warden Service… Bear sightings are not unusual, even in populated areas of York County, though Joy said he gets more reports in the spring than fall. “We actually get quite a few throughout York County, from every town in York County,” he said. “There’s not a town that’s exempt.”[.....]

Bear-Baiting Case Not Made: We Say “No” On Question 1

Press Herald editorial position: Complicated issues like wildlife management don’t lend themselves to up-or-down votes. A group that puts a citizens initiative on the ballot carries a heavy burden of proof. Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting hasn’t met theirs, so we are urging a “no” vote on this year’s Question 1[.....]

Bear Debate Marked By Contrast In Funding

Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting, the group asking voters to ban the use of bait, dogs and traps by bear hunters in Maine, raised more than $1.4 million in campaign funds through Sept. 30. Only 1 percent – $17,991 – is from Maine donors[.....]

Question 1 Too Broad, Claims Unproven

Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel editorial position: A group that puts a citizens initiative on the ballot carries a heavy burden of proof. Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting hasn’t met theirs, so we are urging a “no” vote on this year’s Question 1[.....]

Presenting A Logical Argument Against The Bear Referendum

Why on Earth would any confident, self-respecting Maine citizen tolerate a monied Washington, D.C. lobbyist organization sticking its nose in our business and telling us how we should live our lives? This is more Big Brotherism in a clever, emotionally seductive disguise[.....]

The Truth About Bear Hunting In Other States

If Maine bans efficient bear hunting methods, Maine cannot also continue to restrict the length of the hunting week and hunting season and still hope to manage bears. To hunt bears as they do out west means longer seasons, Sunday hunting, and cheap licenses[.....]

No On Question 1: The Facts Are On The Side Of Baiting

Maine has the largest — and most studied — black bear population in the eastern U.S. And, because most bears live where the human population is sparse, there are few conflicts between the two. This balance would be disrupted by ending the state’s bear hunt as we know it, which Question 1 would do. Voters should reject this referendum, put on the Nov. 4 ballot[.....]

Don’t Let Personal Choices About Bear Hunting Get In The Way Of Sound Judgment

Here in Maine, wildlife management through science and broad-based public participation is not just a goal; it’s part of the social contract. However, approval of Ballot Question 1 — which would outlaw traditional methods of bear hunting and take away the best tools we have for bear management — would be a wholesale breach of our social contract. It’s pretty simple: Question 1 is dangerous because it polarizes people who should all be working together to maintain healthy wildlife populations and restore unhealthy ones[.....]

Bear Hunting Has $52.7 Million Impact On Maine’s Economy

A new economic study prepared for the Maine Office of Tourism and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife reveals that bear hunting and related activities has a significant impact on Maine’s economy, especially in rural parts of the state, where economic opportunities are far and few between[.....]

The Responsible Thing To Do

The state’s biologists and IF&W are successful with conservation and people need to let them do their job. I shall vote “no” on Question 1; it is the responsible thing to do[.....]

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We encourage voters to oppose the referendum and allow our public, professional biologists to continue to manage Maine's bear population with our nationally recognized bear management program.