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Bill Impact on the Control of Bear Population

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife takes data from nearly 100 dens each winter to keep track of the bear population. Those numbers help determine the length of the hunting season and how many hunters would be needed. But that could become a bit tougher if a proposed referendum by the Mainers for fair bear hunting group passes in November- banning the three most successful ways bears are hunted.

James Cote on WGAN 560 (2/7)

Mike Violette and Dennis Bailey talk with James Cote of the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council about the negative impact the proposed referendum banning bear baiting, trapping, and hunting with dogs would have on controlling Maine’s bear population.

Leave Bear Management to the Pros

Recently, I attended a meeting of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine’s Fish and Game Club Network at SAM’s office in Augusta. Present were Judith Camuso, wildlife division director, and game warden Major Christopher Cloutier. They explained how the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife captures bears, takes measurements, weights, and checks to see if any female bears have cubs in the winter den. Some get new collars so they can be tracked[…..]

Coalition Commits to Defeating Bear Hunting Initiative

Today, the Washington DC based anti-hunting lobby, under the guise of an organization called Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting, submitted signatures to the state of Maine to place a ballot question to ban bear hunting methods before voters in November. The D.C.-based Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has pumped more than three quarters of a million into the campaign in hopes of gathering enough signatures to qualify the question for the ballot[…..]

Maine Bear Baiting Opponents Deliver 80K Petition Signatures

Reported by Patty B. Wight Nearly 80,000 signatures were delivered to the Secretary of State’s office this afternoon – enough, say activists, to get a bear hunting referendum on the ballot this November. The group Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting wants to end the practices of baiting, trapping, and hounding. But opponents of the referendum[…..]

Bob Humphrey: Banning Bear Hunting Would Be Bad Business

It’s late August and a midsize pickup truck with New Jersey plates rolls north up I-95. As it crosses the bridge into Kittery, the weary driver decides he needs a break. His passenger suggests a stop at the Kittery Trading Post.  “OK, but not too long,” the driver concedes. After a rest stop and a[…..]

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