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Cindy Violette: The Reality of Bear Hunting

This is in response to Patricia Keene’s letter (March 25) advocating the protection of Maine’s bears. I was saddened that some people do not understand why Maine bears are hunted. Baiting bears is done with strict guidelines and is not just reckless dumping of human food. Bears are very smart. Humans will very rarely find[…..]

Mainers Consider Shutting Down Bear Hunting While Other States Expand Hunting to Manage Out-of-Control Wild Animal Populations

All over the country, hunting opportunities are expanding to deal with rising and troublesome populations of wild animals. While the Humane Society of the United States claims Maine can manage bear populations with free range hunting, that’s very unlikely. Randy Cross, our state’s top bear biologist, has said repeatedly that we are not harvesting enough bears now. It’s hard to imagine how we’d be able to achieve the state’s bear harvest goals if we’re limited to free range hunting.

Mainers Need to Stand Up for Hunting Rights

In 2011, I became a member of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. I believed my donations would help stop abuse of domestic animals, as the commercial on TV portrays. Recently, I discovered a percentage of my donations are also applied to another cause ASPCA endorses. This cause is anti-hunting.

Orono Man Gets a Surprise: 4 Bears Living Not Far From His Front Door

ORONO, Maine — Paul Melanson doesn’t live in an area you’d immediately think of when you say the words “bear habitat.” His home is on busy Stillwater Avenue about 2 miles from the University of Maine. But when a friend went out to shoot some arrows at a target on his land on Saturday, Melanson learned that he had quite a herd of bruins sleeping just 50 yards from his front door.

James Cote on WGAN 560 (3/7)

James Cote talks with Ken Altshuler and Dennis Bailey about the negative impacts of the proposed referendum that would ban bear baiting, trapping, and hunting with dogs.

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