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Sportsmen Leading in Bear Referendum Poll

A survey of Maine voters conducted by Murphy’s company, Pan Atlantic SMS Group of Portland, found that 46.7 percent support a ban on hunting bears with bait and dogs and trapping bears, 48.1 percent oppose the ban[…..]

Bear Drags Florida Woman From Garage

As many as five bears “of various sizes” were rooting through her trash when she walked into the garage, Seminole County Sheriff’s Lt. Pete Brenenstuhl said. A black bear “dragged her from inside the garage out into her driveway,”[…..]

Battle Over Bears Focused on Money and Sportsmen Are Holding Their Own

When it launched its new campaign to ban bear hunting with bait and dogs and bear trapping, HSUS announced it would spend at least $3 million this time, a serious challenge to Maine sportsmen that, should we fail to match that spending, could signal defeat. Campaign finance reports for the first quarter of 2014, filed today, are encouraging. The Maine Wildlife Conservation Council (MWCC), the primary campaign committee opposing the ballot measure, demonstrated an impressive level of support for this point in the campaign.

Senator Angus King Defends Maine’s Bear Management

While I will not be involved in this decision in my capacity as a U.S. Senator, I can share my personal opinion as someone familiar with the issue. I believe that bear hunting plays an important role in preserving a healthy and sustainable bear population and that the traditional hunting practices we currently allow are reasonable given the nature of hunting bears in Maine’s dense forests.

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