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Maine Voters Weigh End to Bear Hunt Tradition

Elizabeth Mitchell, a 67-year-old great-grandmother and part-time librarian, started sleeping with a .38-caliber handgun on her nightstand this spring after a 200-pound (90-kg) black bear paid a visit to her rural Maine home. While the animal did not harm her, other than ripping a gash in a trash can, the encounter left Mitchell wary and a firm opponent of a measure state residents will vote on in November on whether to outlaw bear trapping and hunting with bait or hounds[…..]

Black Bears Spotted in Bangor Area, Game Warden Says

A small black bear, believed to be cub, crossed Interstate 95 near Forest Avenue around 4:50 p.m. Sunday and a person driving by called Maine State Police. “We had a ton of bear calls today,” a state police dispatcher in Bangor said shortly afterward. “Lots of people call once they light their grills and put out their bird feeders.” Maine Game Warden Jim Fahey said Sunday evening that he received three calls about bears — the most he’s ever had in one day — and took time to warn residents about how to prevent the hungry bears from becoming a nuisance[…..]

Anti-Hunters Push Ban Even as Nuisance Complaints Increase

Despite a black bear population that’s increased 30 percent in 10 years and an increase in the number of “nuisance” bear complaints, hunting critics are asking Mainers to vote for a state referendum in November that would prohibit taking bears with the use of dogs, bait, or traps. Hunters say that passing the referendum would cause bear numbers to grow[…..]

The Bear Hunting Debate

The Humane Society’s view of bears reflects the lack of knowledge that an urbanizing population has about nature in general. The Society seems to believe that wildlife populations somehow regulate their own numbers or that nature somehow always acts to keep populations in check. That is not always true. In Maine, black bears are healthy and thriving [and] for bears over two years old the only significant cause of mortality is hunting[…..]

Debra Grispi: Vote No on the Bear Referendum

Now with increased bear populations I am left wondering how many bears can the Maine ecosystem support before there is serious damage to our already venerable ecosystem, not to mention serious human bear conflicts[…..]

Penobscot County Conservation Association Contributes $11,000

Sportsmen’s clubs from across the state of Maine continue to step up to fight off the referendum to ban the three most effective methods of bear hunting in Maine.  The Penobscot County Conservation Association has very generously contributed $11,000 to the campaign.  This is PCCA’s second big contribution.  The campaign to Save Maine’s Bear Hunt[…..]

Nuisance Bear Calls on the Increase This Time of Year

Nuisance bear complaints have already begun this spring, and the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is reminding homeowners to remove potential bear attractants from their yard. “Maine has a large bear population, and this time of year after emerging from their winter dens, hungry bears are out looking for food,” says IFW black bear biologist Jen Vashon. “We want to remind people to remove common backyard attractants so they don’t create a potentially dangerous interaction with a black bear.”[…..]

Phippsburg Sportsmen’s Association Contributes $15,000

Sportsmen’s clubs from across the state of Maine are stepping up to fight off the referendum to ban the three most effective methods of bear hunting in Maine. The Phippsburg Sportsmen’s Association lead the way with an extraordinary $15,000 contribution[…..]

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