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Bear Attacks Woman in Monongalia County

The enraged bear swatted at her head and straddled her after knocking her down. While the attack lasted only about five seconds, it left her with a lacerated scalp, bruised ribs and a sprained ankle[…..]

Maine’s Great Bear Debate

This is a big deal to a lot of Mainers, and sportsmen and women in general if you consider the precedent such a ban could set. Biologists in Maine, like biologists everywhere, create hunting and trapping seasons based on how many bears the landscape can support, how many bears people are willing to tolerate (Maine averages 500 nuisance complaints a year), and the desires of people who want more bears (including both animal lovers and hunters)[…..]

Maine Voters to be Asked About Bear Hunting

The November ballot will include a measure that would ban the use of bait, dogs or traps in bear hunting. Maine officials say a November ballot question will ask Maine voters if they oppose three methods of bear hunting except under certain circumstances… Baiting accounts for 80 percent of the state bear hunt[…..]

Biologists Recapture “Big John,” a Black Bear Featured in a 2010 BDN Story

No matter how big he looks now, Big John is even more immense when you’re standing beside him. “I think you have to be there to fully appreciate the power that a bear this size exudes,” Cross wrote. And he should know: Cross has wrestled with plenty of bears during his 32 years studying them for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife[…..]

Ray Bryant: “There is no middle ground…”

There is no middle ground; it’s all or nothing to eliminate traditions in Maine… If you want the truth about the impact of the referendum on the bears, ask the biologists and game wardens who manage them, and get the facts[…..]

Wardens Set Up Culvert Traps to Capture Troublesome Orono Bears

Three black bears, likely part of the family of bears discovered in a hollow tree den in March, have wreaked enough havoc in the university town, and concerned game wardens are preparing to evict them. On Tuesday morning, one of those bears was spotted walking down Main Street, where it was destroying garbage cans in order to find food[…..]

Scott McMorrow: Please Vote Against Maine Bear-hunting Ban

Hunting gets a bad rap these days, but hunters provide much-needed funding to support wildlife and habitat. The latest report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service states that hunters in Maine spend $203 million annually, and hunters nationwide spend $33 billion annually… When you go into the voting booth this November, please vote no on this hunting ban[…..]

Black Bear Sightings Prompt Lincoln Police Warning

A police officer scared a black bear away from a Lee Road house overnight Thursday after residents reported it loitering near their yard, according to the town’s public safety director. Detective Mark Fucile was on patrol when residents at 869 Lee Road reported the bear coming out of the woods near their home at about 11:25 p.m[…..]

Pennsylvania Hunters Keeping an Eye on Maine Bear Proposal

“The places they live, it’s so thick,” Hess said. “Driving is the only way to get them out.” Even still, with driving being a legal method for hunting bears in Pennsylvania, the success rate across the state is only around 3 percent. Three out of 100 Pennsylvania bear hunters fill their tags in a given year. It takes 170,000 bear hunters to kill the 3,500-4,000 bears needed to keep Pennsylvania’s bear population from exploding, said Mark Ternent, the state Game Commission’s chief bear biologist[…..]

Mother Bear, Cub Spotted in Bangor

A mother bear and cub were reported seen in Rolland F. Perry City Forest early Saturday afternoon, police said. A woman walking with her daughter on a nature trail in the wildlife habitat off Tripp Drive reported seeing the two bears at about 1 p.m., police said[…..]

North Country Lodge Answers the Bell!

Maine’s Guide and Outfitter world has been abuzz for the past few weeks in response to a challenge issued to them by a Vermont houndsmen and Maine registered guide.  In his challenge, Jim Harris, of Fairlee, Vermont, called on Maine’s largest guides and outfitters to make a donation of at least $10,000 to the bear[…..]

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