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Bear Spotted Wandering Through Waterville

Police Chief Joseph Massey said the first bear sighting was reported at 5 a.m. Monday on Pleasantdale Avenue… Then around 9 p.m., another resident reported seeing a bear in a funeral home parking lot on Silver Street… Massey said police were concerned because the bear was spotted in the middle of a populated area of the city and could be dangerous or become aggressive[…..]

200 Pound Bear Struck, Killed on I-68

A vehicle hit and killed a 200-pound male bear in the westbound lane of Interstate 68 Wednesday morning… The number of bears that have died on Maryland roads this year has risen to 22, according to an unofficial count maintained by the Cumberland Times-News[…..]

26% of Maine’s Bear Hunters Were Successful in 2013

Despite a long fall hunting season for bears in Maine, the bear harvest has been below objectives since 2005. Bait, hounds and traps are the most effective for harvesting bears in Maine’s dense forest and account for 93% of the harvest. Even with these three methods, only about 1 in 4 hunters using bait, hounds and traps are successful. Still-hunters harvest less than 300 bears (7%), since it is very difficult to spot and stalk bears in Maine’s thick vegetation. To stabilize the bear population estimated at more than 30,000, a harvest of 4,500 bears is needed. Without bait, hounds or traps, Maine’s bear harvest will be well below objectives[…..]

Bear Baiting Makes Woods Safer for All

The state’s bear management program is based on 40 years of scientific research… As the government agency responsible for the conservation of Maine’s wildlife, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is opposed to this referendum and Maine’s game wardens and wildlife biologists are taking an active role in informing Mainers why we are opposed to this referendum[…..]

Maine Residents Could Face Increasing Bear Menace

Experts have said that the country as well as the state are facing increasing problems relating to black bears and the situations are expected get worse due to new laws. The Humane Society of the United States has proposed new laws that prohibit use of hunters to control bears[…..]

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