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Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society Opposes Black Bear Referendum

The Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society (METWS) has voted to oppose the 2014 black bear referendum. The Chapter held the same position for the 2004 referendum. Reasons for opposition include: the referendum subverts the public process that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) uses to successfully balance scientific management and societal[…..]

Bear Sighting Prompts New Jersey School Lock-in

Several schools in Wayne, New Jersey, were put in lock-in mode as a precaution after a bear sighting in the area Wednesday. At least three schools near Hamburg Turnpike implemented the precautionary measure. One school sent out an email blast to parents informing them of the lock-in[…..]

Maine Can’t Afford To Lose The Bear Referendum

Suffice it to say that Maine’s important bear population requires professional management. Otherwise the animals will overpopulate, creating “nuisance bear” problems that threaten people as well as properties. For instance, when bear hunting was banned in New Jersey the subsequent increase in home invasions resulted in reinstatement of the bear-hunting season. However, because forewarned is forearmed, Mainers can guard against conflicts with bears by voting for facts (science) rather than fiction in the forthcoming bear referendum[…..]

New Jersey Hiker Killed by Black Bear

A man hiking in a heavily wooded area of northern New Jersey was killed by a black bear during the weekend, police said on Monday… The bear began to follow the hikers and they scattered, police said in a statement. Four of them regrouped but Patel was missing and they contacted police, it said. Patel’s body was found about two hours later[…..]

Bear Killed Near Eastern Oregon School

An Oregon State Police trooper shot and killed a black bear that wandered near an elementary school in Pilot Rock. The East Oregonian newspaper reports that the school with 200 children went into lockdown at about noon Tuesday[…..]

Maine’s Bear Biologists Discuss Increasing Bear Populations And Management Strategies At Conference

“Nearly all the northeast states are increasing hunting opportunities to try and control black bear numbers,” said Vashon. “New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia all recently increased the length of their black bear hunting seasons. Connecticut is considering enacting a bear hunt, and Maryland has been increasing the number of bear permits available.”[…..]

Issaquah Family Shocked When Prowler Turns Out To Be Black Bear

An Issaquah family worried a prowler was on their property was shocked when they discovered the bad guy was not a person, but a black bear. The Grumm family had no idea the bear had come and gone until they spotted him hours later on their security camera. What made the experience even more disconcerting, the bear was outside the house while they were home and in the yard[…..]

Stick With Maine’s Wildlife Experts

So the questions arises, who would you rather believe — Maine wildlife experts who have studied and maintained the health of the bear population for 40 years, or the Washington, D.C.-based Humane Society of the United States, which boasts that its ultimate goal is the elimination of all hunting, of everything[…..]

Another Maine Town Passes Resolution Opposed to Bear Referendum

For the second time this summer a town has issued a resolution in opposition to Question 1, the bear referendum which proposes to eliminate Maine’s three most effective methods of controlling Maine’s bear population. The Town of Portage Lake notified the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council on Wednesday that they had unanimously supported this resolution and join the town of Millinocket in their formal opposition[…..]

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