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Nuisance Bear Killed In Medway

The first time the Stanleys actually saw the bear was when it was on the roof, eating apples. “My husband came back inside and got his gun. The bear had gone down the tree, but was still there in the yard,” she said. “[The bear] showed no fear but did eventually wander off. My husband yelled at it several times, but he didn’t run off. He just wandered off.” Tiffany Stanley said the couple have two small children, ages 3 and 9, and the episode frightened her[…..]

Black Bears Brawl In Quiet New Jersey Suburb

Two massive black bears were caught on camera in a knock-down, drag-out brawl on a quiet residential street in New Jersey… Even after landing at the bottom of the hill and into the streets, the bears wouldn’t stop brawling, biting and wrestling each other[…..]

We Can’t Afford To Vote Yes On 1

People should make up their own minds with informed decisions. Listen to the experts. Go to mefishwildlife.com and read why the Maine Fish and Game Department is against this bill. For the good of the bears and the people living with them, vote NO on Question 1[…..]

The Truth About Bear Trapping

To start with, the steel-jawed foothold trap is not legal in Maine. Only foot snares or cage traps are allowed… Foot-snared bears do not chew their feet off. That is a deliberate fabrication. The foot snare is very humane, and does not damage the bear’s foot… The foot snares the Bear Study program uses are exactly the same traps used by recreational bear trappers. These traps do not cause pain or injury to the bear[….]

Stop Trying To Silence Actual Mainers

It seems “Mainers” for Fair Bear Bear Hunting will stop at no lengths to silence actual Mainers. You have failed to convince a judge to muzzle the state’s bear experts from telling the truth about the impact of Question 1. So now, you attempt to twist words, take comments out of context and to convince the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council to remove our advertising from the public airwaves[…..]

HSUS Continues to Bankroll Yes on 1 Campaign

In a completely expected move, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a Washington, DC anti-hunting organization again poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Yes on 1 campaign in October in an attempt to buy the wildlife management practices of Maine people[…..]

Florida Man Kills Black Bear That Was Breaking Into His Home

“When I yelled at it, he looked [at me] like, ‘Well, I don’t care who you are,'” Peters told a Lake County sheriff’s 911 dispatcher. “He just kept coming.” The animal bared its teeth at Peters, who fired his hunting rifle into the bear’s head from 10 feet away. It died right there in Peters’ Florida room. “I’ve seen a lot of black bear. I hunt,” said Peters, 64, who worked in state parks in Michigan. “I’ve never seen one this big.” He estimated the size of the animal at 400 to 500 pounds[…..]

Bear Destroys Beehives At Wayne Farm

The owner of a pair of beehives recently destroyed by a hungry bear at a Wayne farm says the incident is more proof that banning bear baiting and trapping would have catastrophic consequences on his business. “If they pass this vote on the bear referendum, it’s going to put me out of business,” said Tony Bachelder, owner of Tony’s Honey and Pollination Services in Buckfield. “The bears will be so thick we won’t be able to control it.”[…..]

Kennebunk Bear Sighting Latest In York County

A black bear is responsible for taking down a bird feeder in a yard on Oak Bluff Road in Kennebunk, according to Cpl. Mike Joy, a local game warden for the Maine Warden Service… Bear sightings are not unusual, even in populated areas of York County, though Joy said he gets more reports in the spring than fall. “We actually get quite a few throughout York County, from every town in York County,” he said. “There’s not a town that’s exempt.”[…..]

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