Save Maine’s Bears website

Thank you for much for visiting our Save Maine’s Bears website. While the title of this website is all about protecting and conserving the black bear population, note that we are in fact encompassing the entire wildlife of the state of Maine.

You see, we have realized the importance of undertaking this advocacy given the fact that the wildlife of the state is threatened not just by the hunters and poachers but also by the effects of climate change. We firmly believe that the issue of climate change is man-made and that the key towards reversing its effects also lies in the hands of humans.

We are a group of friends of nature who have really dedicated our lives to helping conserve wildlife. We have various strengths in terms of specializations. We have ecologists, veterinarians, botanists, biologists and zoologists in our midst. We also have advocates and champions for animals, wildlife and the environment.

In this website, you will be able to see here some resources, tips and how-tos in terms of how to help reverse the effects of climate change and spur the conservation of Maine’s wildlife. Our goal really is to empower you with information on what you can do.

We also aim to connect you here with some champions in wildlife conservation with whom you can reach out to. Note that they will be happy to help you out in any of your concerns.

We are also posting here some events and activities on conservation that you can either join or support. We encourage you to take part in these activities and do what you can to contribute to our goal of conserving Maine’s wildlife. Note that in doing so, you are contributing towards a better future not just for yourself but also for the future generations.

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