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Bear Attacks Woman in Monongalia County

By Jim Bissett

MORGANTOWN — Kelly Dale knows it could have been a lot worse.

“I’m pretty lucky,” she said.

Dale, who lives in the Mayfield Road area outside Morgantown, inadvertently found herself between a black bear cub and its mother on Wednesday night, June 25.

The enraged bear swatted at her head and straddled her after knocking her down.

While the attack lasted only about five seconds, it left her with a lacerated scalp, bruised ribs and a sprained ankle.

“We know about bears,” she said, two days after the attack on Friday, June 27.

“This was just something I walked into.”

The state Division of Natural Resources (DNR) reminds people living in rural areas to make sure garbage cans and other sources of possible food are secure.

Bears that dine on bird seed and pet food left out also lose their fear of humans, the DNR said.

In the meantime, Dale said, there’s no hard feelings.

“I’m a mom, too,” she said, of the protective bear. “She was just doing what she was supposed to do.”


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