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Bear Shot After Getting Aggressive Near Bystanders, Children Walking to School

By Stacy Haynes

TEHACHAPI, Calif. – Around 6:37 this morning, officers from the Tehachapi Police Department were dispatched to a call regarding a large bear that was seen in the area of Jacobson Middle School.

Officers said they located the bear on the front porch of a home and called the California Department of Fish and Game.

While awaiting the arrival of Fish and Game, the bear became aggressive and moved in the direction of bystanders and a group of children who were walking to school, according to police.

The officers said they were unable to divert the bear and determined it posed an imminent threat to human safety so they shot the bear.

The Tehachapi Police Department is conducting a review of the incident.

There were no injuries to any officers or citizens. The California Department of Fish and Game will take the deceased bear and dispose of it properly.


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