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Bears Responsible for a Rash of Car Break-ins in NH


NORTH CONWAY, NH (WGME) — There’s a rash of car break-ins happening now in one town, but these are no ordinary suspects.  They are persistent and tough to track because the suspects are actually bears, but there are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself.

Terry Leavitt found her car destroyed on Friday.  The dashboard is torn up, the passenger side window is busted out and there’s glass everywhere.  This is the fourth car in the past few weeks police say has been hit and they’re all in this neighborhood.  They say it happens in the early morning hours when no one is around.

Police say some of these cars were targeted because there was food the bears could smell.  If the doors are unlocked, it’s easy for them to get inside.  North Conway police remind residents to lock their cars, don’t put trash in their cars and take their bird feeders in at night.  They also stress not to leave food out for these bears.  Some people think they’re helping the animals it puts residents and their pets in danger.


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