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Welcome to the forum section of Save Maine’s Bears. Here, we encourage everyone to share your thoughts on how each of us can help save the wildlife of the state of Maine. Feel free to post questions and respond to others. Note however that rude and foul language is strongly prohibited.

Shelley: Hi there! I am very new to this website. I came across this as I was researching for information on the wildlife of Maine. I am very glad that you have this website as now I have been made aware of the need for each of us to help out in saving our animals.

Moderator: Hi Shelley. We are very glad that you found this website helpful. We are happy that there are people like you who have become interested in doing what you can to help us save the wildlife of Maine. We are humbled by the support that we have been receiving from people like you.

Carla: Hello everyone! I am an advocate for wildlife conservation as well. Like Shelley, I also want to contribute what I can to help conserve and protect the wild animals of Maine. Is there any activity that I can join in the next few days or weeks?

Moderator: Hi Carla, thank you for your message. Currently, we are trying to organize brownbag sessions on what individuals like you can contribute to the cause. These brownbag sessions include workshops wherein you will identify how you can use your skills and strengths towards the advocacy. We will update you once we have the schedules ready.

Oh, wow. Thanks moderator. That will definitely be great. In the meantime, I am starting a GoFundMe page for the sake of the Save Maine’s Bears website. I hope that alright.

Moderator: Oh, thank you so much Carla. That is truly very much appreciated.

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