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Mainers For Fair Bear Hunting Go One Step Too Far With Their Kids For Cubs Events


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August 14, 2014                                                            James Cote, Campaign Manager

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Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting Go One Step Too Far With Their

“Kids for Cubs” Events

According to postings on their website, Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting, a ballot question committee and the leading proponents of Question 1, are inviting elementary school- aged children to a series of local political events called “Kids for Cubs”. The events are advertised as an “educational story-time all about bears” and will be hosted at libraries across the State.

“We think that inviting young children into such a tense policy debate under the guise of a ‘story time’ is fundamentally misleading and in bad taste,” said James Cote, campaign manager for the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council, the leading opponents of Question 1. “Our priority will remain educating Maine voters (18 years old+) about the negative consequences of Question 1, including the economic, safety, and biological impacts of Question 1.”

“We hope that while Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting are visiting these libraries they might look up some of the 40 years of scientific research done by Maine’s nationally recognized bear biologists at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife that suggest Question 1 is bad for bears and bad for Maine people alike,” said Cote. “We will continue to side with the experts- Maine’s nationally recognized biologists and game wardens.”

Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting is being bankrolled by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) out of Washington D.C. To date, HSUS has funded over 99% of Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting efforts.

More detail about the finances of Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting can be viewed at:

https://secure.mainecampaignfinance.com/PublicSite/SearchPages/CommitteeDetail.a spx?OrgID=6515


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