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Mainers For Fair Bear Hunting Should Reveal Full Agenda

By Randy Meserve

Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting – funded by the Humane Society of the United States – claims the successful bear management plan that our biologists use now is cruel and inhumane. I would ask them to please publish a copy of their new management plan for controlling the Maine bear population, if Question 1 is approved.

If their plan is to let nature take its course, letting the bears overpopulate until an unsustainable population of bears is reached, then they should tell us that’s their plan. I am not so sure that death from disease and starvation is really less cruel or more humane.

Being that the HSUS proudly admits to be an anti-sport hunting group, it should be honest that its real plan is to stop all hunting across the country. The voters of Maine deserve to know the true agenda.

Vote “no” on November 4.


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