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Millinocket Town Council Resolution Opposing Question 1


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August 18, 2014                                                            James Cote, Campaign Manager



Millinocket Town Council Approves Resolution

In Opposition to Question 1 Bear Referendum


Millinocket’s seven town councilors officially voted to approve a resolution in opposition to Question 1 on Maine’s November ballot. Question 1 would ban Maine’s most effective methods of controlling Maine’s large bear population and undermine 40 years of scientific research and management by biologists at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.


“We are proud that the town of Millinocket has taken a leadership role in this debate by opposing this ballot measure at the municipal level,” said James Cote, campaign manager for the No on 1/Save Maine’s Bear Hunt Campaign. “It is so important for municipalities to understand what impact this measure would have on local communities. Not only would municipalities see a cost shift from the State and assume the cost of managing nuisance bear complaints as western states have experienced, but hundreds of small businesses, especially in rural parts of the state, would be threatened. Our state, and our towns, can’t afford the irresponsible policy changes that passage of Question 1 promises. We urge other communities to take action much like Millinocket has.”


(see copy of Resolution attached)





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