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North Country Lodge Answers the Bell!

Maine’s Guide and Outfitter world has been abuzz for the past few weeks in response to a challenge issued to them by a Vermont houndsmen and Maine registered guide.  In his challenge, Jim Harris, of Fairlee, Vermont, called on Maine’s largest guides and outfitters to make a donation of at least $10,000 to the bear campaign.  In response, Harris committed to matching the donation with $10,000 of his own.  He has offered to match $10,000 donations from Maine’s Guides and Outfitters up to a total of $50,000, leaving a potential $100,000 on the table!

Harris claims he hatched the idea for the challenge, after hearing about a $3,500 donation from guide Jesse Duncan of New Sharon.  “I know that Jesse is not a wealthy man,” explained Harris.  “Seeing him sacrifice this way made me realize that for us to win, the big players in the sportsmen’s community have to step up the same way, beginning with me.  That is what lead me to issue this challenge to my fellow guides and outfitters.”

Quickly answering the call was the Goodman family of Patten, Maine.  Dale, along with sons Hank and Bert, operate North Country Lodge, which guides for bear, deer, moose and grouse in Aroostook County.  It took just one conversation with Harris to convince the Goodman’s to make the donation.  “We’ve made a great living guiding hunts in Maine these past 30 years,” said Dale Goodman.  Contributing $10,000 hurts for sure!  But it was the right thing to do.  And knowing our donation would be doubled made it all the more urgent to donate. This just makes good business sense.”

The Goodman’s expressed thanks to Jim Harris for his generosity, and their hopes that their fellow guides and outfitters will follow suit to take full advantage of the remaining $40,000 left on the table.

Information on North Country Lodge can be found at http://www.northcountrylodge.com/blog/.



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