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Vote No on Question 1 Super Banquet

Sponsored by Vermont Wholesale Granite


August 9, 2014 – Doors Open at 3pm – Sold-Out

Augusta Civic Center: 76 Community Drive, Augusta, ME


If you are one of the 1,000+ people with tickets to the biggest event in Maine’s hunting history, you will want to come prepared to bid on hunts in Maine, New England, North America and even Africa!


Items Include


  • Grand Laker Canoe Package including canoe, trailer, cover and 2 outboards!


  • 2 African Safaris!


  • A 6-day Newfoundland Moose hunt!


  • A 6-day Idaho Mountain Lion / Wolf hunt!


  • A 6-day Illinois Trophy Whitetail hunt! 


  • A 6-day Ontario Fishing trip!


  • A 5-day Maine Bobcat hunt!


  • 3 bear hunts (Maine and Nova Scotia)! 


  • A 3-day Idaho / Oregon Fishing trip!




Paid for and Authorized by the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council. PO BOX 5540, Augusta, Maine 04330.
Please send your contributions to:

Maine Wildlife Conservation Council
PO Box 5540
Augusta, Maine 04330