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Warning Issued After Bear Sightings in Wells

WELLS, Maine —Wells police and Maine game wardens are asking people to take a few precautions after several reported bear sightings over the weekend.

A Wells dispatch officer posted on the department’s Facebook page that callers had reported seeing bears in the area of Perry Oliver Road, Dodge Road and Wire Road.

“Bear hunting is not as popular in southern Maine as it is in northern Maine, therefore we are having increasing amounts of bear complaints, bear coming into backyards in some of the coastal towns as well as further inland,” said Sgt. Tim Spahr, of the Maine Warden Service.

One caller reported seeing one bear, while another reported seeing what appeared to be a mother bear and her cub.

Several Facebook users also chimed in about an unreported sighting on Chapel Road.

Spahr said although it is not unusual for bears to be living in Wells, sightings are rare in suburban neighborhoods.

“I’m basically in downtown Wells now. It’s not unlikely that we have a bear within a half mile from where we are standing right now,” said Spahr.

Spahr said these bears are most likely looking for food.

He asks that people living in the area make sure their trash cans are secure and bring bird feeders indoors for about a week to give the bears a chance to return to their normal habitat.

Residents said there’s really not much else they can do.

“Just get the word out. I mean, no more no less, we’re not really worried about it,” said resident Peter Thomes.






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